Manufacture of
stainless steel parts

There are several reasons why it is more advantageous to use stainless steel as a material when designing and manufacturing parts. This material has a very effective resistance to corrosion and heat, which allows it to improve its durability and extend its life.

At A.R.G. Sanitary Welding, we are able to offer you a custom design tailored to your needs and your specific requirements. We use state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to guarantee you stainless steel parts of the highest quality in the industry.

Stainless steel
piping installation

Stainless steel piping is frequently used for the pharmaceutical, food and sanitary environments since it represents a sustainable solution and reliable for sanitary welding needs.

Also called stainless, this metal is specifically a steel alloy. It has several properties sought when installing high quality piping faced with high sanitary standards. Stainless steel is durable and reliable due to its high resistance to corrosion. At A.R.G. Sanitary Weld, we are able to offer a service of installation of stainless steel ducts according to your specific needs.

Bleached welds

Bleached welds are actually a mechanical cleaning technique with mild abrasives. It is a question of redoing a solder in bad condition by whitening it, which makes it possible to solidify it and to clean it at the same time.

At A.R.G. Sanitary Welding, we use the right machinery and at the cutting edge of technology to perform any work of bleached welds. This allows us to carry out a meticulous work and meeting the highest quality criteria.

Polished welds

Welding techniques have evolved considerably over the past centuries. Used until the end of the 19th century, forge welding was the preferred technique. By heating and hammering pieces of metal together, we were able to create a weld, not necessarily perfect, but solid. Nowadays, several other techniques have appeared.

Polished welds are welds that have undergone a quality production control called polishing. As the name suggests, polished welds have been polished after welding to smooth and perfectly join the pieces of metal together. This process has many advantages, including ease of operation and maneuverability, speed and is a more suitable option for stainless steel and other metals among others. Its most notorious advantage is obviously it’s sought-after aesthetic appearance, often considered as “more finished” or even better.

machine welding

Orbital welding is a process that operates by the continuous rotation of an arc placed at least 360 ° around a fixed part (cylindrical component, such as a tube).

This type of welding has several notable advantages, in particular its high degree of precision allowed. Depending on the orbital machine used, such a small weld with a diameter of 1.6mm can be made! At A.R.G. Welding Sanitary, our employees are carefully selected and hold certifications and qualifications necessary to offer you welds meeting the requirements of quality and well known aesthetics.

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